Kern Studer AG - Data centre

8 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 Conception Fixing DataSafe partition wall system With our “DataSafe” system, we can completely separate two areas within a data hall. All rooms are closed in the best possible way both above and below the raised floor. The wall elements can be freely selected and combined. The partition wall and the underfloor grid are installed directly on the raised floor. In the area of the partition wall, the raised floor panels can no longer be opened. This system is used when security regarding access and pass-through is the top priority. 1 Ceiling clearance Fastening with U-profiles for 0 mm ceiling clearance, completely closed 6 Floor clearance Securing with U-profiles for 0 mm ground clearance, completely closed 3 Base and top element Grid, solid or perforated sheet steel element, can be selected from our range 2 Supports 50 x 50 mm supports up to a room height of 4.5 m, 50 x 100 mm supports for room heights from 4.5 m, powder-coated in RAL colour of your choice 4 Safety screw fittings At the customer’s request, with non-detachable safety screw connections 5 Installation on raised floor Partition bolted permanently to the raised floor, the floor panels cannot be opened in the area of the partition wall 7 Underfloor grids Mesh panels with a mesh size of 25 x 25 mm made of 3 mm wire. Riveted to the mounting bracket. Brackets bolted directly to the concrete floor and to the underside of the raised floor. Recesses in the bracket for support profiles of the raised floor. Completely closed. • Secures access and pass-through • Minimal openings